Hi Girls,

A lot of my work these days is Weddings. I love that I get to spend the day with so many people surrounding by excitement and happiness it’s such a pleasure. Along the way I’ve seen a lot and gained a few tips that might help some brides to be.

Bride Tip #1

Eat and drink the morning of your wedding, even if you’re not hungry! I know nerves and excitement are probably in full force, but it’s so important that you stay hydrated and eat. Sugary things may help as well, especially if you have a summer wedding. They’ll give you a little boost in the summer heat!

Bride Tip #2

Eat your appetisers and entree! Some venues bring a platter of appetisers up after the ceremony so you can eat before you mingle with guests. I took advantage of that at mine (as I like food lol). When you sit down for dinner, it maybe you barely touch your food because of the excitement for speeches, dances and mingling. Make sure you eat your dinner. You’ll need the fuel for dancing!

Bride Tip #3

Have two bags packed. One for items that may be needed for getting ready either at your home or hotel. In the second bag pack anything you may need for touch-ups at your venue. My wife did this on our wedding day and it kept her from pacing around our hotel room when she was ready to head to the venue. She knew she had everything in her bag for the venue and didn’t have to dig through bags or stress herself out.

Bride Tip #4

Take breaks during dancing to walk around and mingle with people who aren’t big dancers. Women are hugely into dancing the night away at weddings. I find brides always on the dance floor with her girls unless getting a little overheated and needing to step outside for a bit for some fresh air. I would recommend taking a couple of minutes to go around the tables and say hi to some of the other guests who maybe aren’t as eager to dance as others.

Bride Tip #5

Take a few minutes to see your reception space before your guests do. Take a moment to see what you have been building up to for quite some time and I bet you will cry lol. All the hard work, indecisiveness about decor, selection on flowers and linen colours will totally be worth it

Bride Tip #6

If any curve-balls are thrown your way, don’t sweat it! It’s not worth it! You’ve worked so hard on planning the perfect wedding for you and your fiancé. It’s time to sit back and enjoy it together! The most important thing is you’re there together to celebrate your marriage and you’re surrounded by people who love you. Little story — A bride’s mother misplaced the bride’s dad’s tie the day of the wedding. She was so upset, but the bride couldn’t help but just laugh, shrug her shoulders, and say “oh well.” She was just happy that her dad was there and didn’t care if he had a tie or not! Don’t let the little things stress you out the day of — all that matters is love.

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